The Intuitive Fitness Space

The Intuitive Fitness Space

Welcome to The Intuitive Fitness Space

Build a better relationship with exercise, food and your body.

Hello, What’s This?

A monthly membership for the online space you never knew you needed!

Do you want to start exploring your relationship with exercise free from diet culture?

Interested to learn how mainstream fitness culture might be influencing your choices, decisions and ideas about exercise?

Do you want to learn more self compassion, build a more accepting attitude towards your body and exercise in a way that feels authentic to you?

In this space, the way our bodies look is not a priority.

The Online Space You Never Knew You Needed...

An online platform and mobile app for anyone looking to improve their relationship with exercise, food and their body - and support each other in the process.

Kick mainstream fitness culture to the curb!

A safe space where we can discuss, learn and connect with others who are trying to eat and move free from diet culture.

Join in with discussions, activities and book clubs to help freshen up your views and reframe your ideas.

Who Are We?

I’m Amy! I’m a weight inclusive personal trainer throwing out the dominant, often elitist approaches to health and fitness that we’ve all become accustomed too.

My mission as a personal trainer and coach is to put people back in touch with what really matters to them whilst taking into account all of their needs, including their mental health, self care, body image and relationship with food and exercise. Often, just changing our mindset and broadening the way we think about our own health can have a huge impact.

I want to help people take back control over their exercise habits whilst recognising and building resilience to the very real barriers and social systems which can make it hard to prioritise movement.

My aim is to give my community complete autonomy over their bodies and how they want to approach their own health and fitness. Through discussions and activities, you can start to explore your relationship with exercise and unpack how society and the mainstream fitness narrative have filled our heads with ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’.

I work from a weight inclusive approach – that means how your body looks or how much you weigh is not my focus, nor any of my business! 

If this sounds like it would be a great fit for you in finding your fit – come on in!

Hi! I’m Jeanette! I’m a qualified nutritionist specialising in intuitive eating and HAES aligned, passionate about helping people find their happy body, weight and mind through healing your relationship with your food and your body.
I believe that intuitive eating can help the majority of people to find a way of eating that works in their live’s. And my mission is to help and support people along that journey using my nutrition expertise to help guide people to a pace where eating is enjoyable and diets are completely in the past.

I am here to help people understand how our bodies work and then how to work with our body through trust rather than feeling like we are constantly battling with our bodies through diet and exercise.

Diet culture makes us feel like our bodies are broken. And they are far from it. Given a chance, we can all relearn our bodies signs and signals and that is exactly what I help people do.

I encourage people never to weigh themselves. If you are weighing yourself at the moment, you will still fit in perfectly because you will undoubtedly learn why and how to step off those scales for good.

Come On In!

You can join us for free giving you access to articles and discussions.

Tiered membership options launch in April. Stay tuned!

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